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  • Because our animals are completely tame and friendly, the audience can touch, hold and feed all the animals...and it is here where a truly special bond takes place between the audience and our animal ambassadors. For us it is a true joy to see the wonderment and smiles that light up the audiences' faces upon making such a connection with these beautiful animals.

  • We encourage you to take all the pictures and video you like!

Each Zoo2You presentation is approximately 45 min - 1hr in length and any household or venue can comfortably accommodate our show. Animals are brought in temporary individual travel containers and then taken out one specie group at a time. We discuss each animal in a fun, upbeat manner that reflects the age of our audience. We may include such topics as country of origin, habitat, defence mechanisms, diet, reproduction, and social habits.

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  We make it easy 

Because we bring so many animals to EVERY SHOW, there is no need to worry about picking packages or animals. All we need to know is what type of event you are having and how long you would like us to be there.


We are fully Insured

When having entertainment at your party you want to make sure you and your guests are totally protected. Put your mind at ease! We are fully insured by Hub International and we have a zero-incident rate.

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