For the best chance of securing your preferred date and time, events should be booked 4 weeks in advance if possible. However last minute booking are always welcome!

We service all of Essex County and Chatham/Kent

A few requests we have:

Please provide a nearby parking/unloading space

Please inform all guests prior to our arrival that the show is much more enjoyable for all if noise is kept to a minimum. However, we realize that kids get excited. So if some kids get a bit loud don't sweat it :)

One thing we insist: Please, please, please inform all guests to keep away from the animal travel containers. For the safety of the animals this is an absolute must.

If you have a small or medium size table we could use that is always helpful, though not necessary.

We will take any fruits or vegetables that you may be throwing out or would like to donate!

"Thank you, and see    you at the show!!"

We prefer enquires are made by phone at (519)-919-1080

However feel free to contact us by email if you find that more convenient

you may email us:

Call Mike anytime for pricing at (519) 919-1080