Red kangaroos are the largest of the marsupial family and indigenous to Australia. They live in groups called a “mob”. When hand-raised by a loving professional caretaker, kangaroos readily accept humans, dogs and other animals as fellow “mob” members and feel right at home. At shows, Boomer and Boe will happily accept a salty treat of crackers or potato chips, which also helps to regulate their mineral levels. If we were to describe Boomer and Boe, “big babies” would suffice. 

Boomer & Boe


Chinchillas are the softest animals in the world. They are native to the Andes mountains in South America. They are very social animals and live in colonies called “herds”. Our “herd” consists of 6 chinchillas of various colours -  silver, black, white and beige.


We guarantee your crowd will be oowing and awhing when they feel their plush coats!

Come on guys, make some room!!

Skinny Pigs

Whinnie and the gang are actually a form of hairless guinea pigs and look like miniature pigs. These adorable critters love their veggies, which the kids love to feed them during the show.  


With mischievous eyes and a sweet face, “Baby Bear” and the gang are undeniably adorable. Ferrets are incredibly playful, as well as sociable, friendly and affectionate. Kids love to feed him their ferret treats and it’s definitely “Baby Bear’s” favourite part of the show.

...dreaming of treats...

Peruvian Cavy

Is that a wig??! No, it’s “Marvin” and the gang! They are Peruvian long-haired cavies! They originate from South America and are curious, fun-loving animals known for their charismatic personalities. And boy do they enjoy their vegetable treats!

Bad hair day!!!


Who's doesn't love a cuddly rabbit! Always a crowd favourite, our Rex rabbits are the softest species in the world.

Hey, I think I see some left-over dinner scraps...


Don’t underestimate the fun factor of a rat! Rats, especially baby ones, are decidedly one of the highlights of our shows. Kids LOVE rats! They are intelligent, gentle, loving and always a hit! All these qualities make the ‘lowly’ rat one of the best pet choices for a child (or grown up!). Did I mention – we love rats!!!

Rainbow Lory

Lorikeets are medium-sized parrots from the rainforests of Australia. One of the most colourful birds in the world, Loris are known for their clownish and interactive behaviour. They use their unique tongue to feed on nectar, so don’t be surprised if “Mango” gives your cheek lots of licks!

Sun Conure

“Tango” is a medium-sized, vibrantly coloured parrot native to the rainforests of South America. Sun Conures are lively, vocal, and expressive; this is a bird best known for its beauty and its big mouth! Tango is completely hands-on. She loves to cuddle under your shirt or sweater, and also loves to have her head scratched. 

Indian Faintail Pigeon

A fancy breed of “show” pigeon from India, Faintails come in a variety of colours and get their name from their majestic plume of tail feathers. They also have feathers on their feet, giving the impression they’re wearing elegant slippers. Kids can snuggle with them as one would a Teddy Bear. 

Serama Chicken

"I love you too, Boe..."

Seramas are a gorgeous bantam breed of “show” chicken from Malaysia. They are the smallest breed of chicken in the world and incredibly gentle and friendly. Stroke their head and they’ll love you forever and fall asleep in your arms. If “Carmela” doesn’t steal your heart nothing will! 

It's not easy being a chicken!


When you meet our doves you will understand why the dove is the universal symbol for peace. Doves are both super gentle and amazingly beautiful. Even the most reserved children love to perch them on their fingers. The more adventurous kids can become a “bird boy or girl” and have 5 or 6 doves perched on their arms, shoulders and head all at once for a great picture.  

Mallard Duck

Mallard ducks are widely distributed around the world and inhabit a wide range of habitats and climates, from Arctic tundra to subtropical regions, and are found in both fresh- and salt-water wetlands. Their appearance is unmistakable, with a glossy bottle-green head, a white collar, and a gorgeous iridescent purple-blue spectrum of feathers. “Dexter” has an adorable comical personality and kids love to hand-feed him mealworms during the shows. 



Water Monitor

The water monitor is the world’s second largest lizard and closely related to the mighty Komodo Dragon. In fact, at roughly 50lbs and 7 feet, “Dragon” is a virtual Komodo Dragon look-alike. But don’t worry, there’s no need to lock up the kids!. “Dragon” was raised here from a youngster and is completely cool hanging out with us little humans.

Argentine Black & White Tegu

Though not as big as “Dragon”, “Diesel” is still one of the world's largest lizards. Feel his smooth, beaded scales and watch his massive forked tongue slither in and out of his thick jaws. In fact, get a "lizard lick" on the nose to really get your audience laughing.Like all our animals, "Diesel" was raised by us from a baby and is as placid as can be. He is now 20 years old! 

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons are very gentle and docile lizards that originate from the deserts of central Australia. The name Bearded Dragon comes from their ability to puff or flare out the skin under their throats, often darkening the skin to a black color, which looks like a beard.

Savannah Monitor

The savannah monitor is a medium-sized lizard native to Africa. Captive bred and raised from babies with lots of love and care, our guys are very friendly and inquisitive. They love to explore their surroundings, search for food, and are easy to handle. 

Egyptian Uromastyx

“Uros” are cool little lizards that look like miniature dinosaurs. They have an amazing spiked tail that looks straight from the Jurassic era. Their faces are adorable in that they always look very “serious”, hence the name of “Grumpy”. 


Tokay Gecko

Tokays are rainforest lizards with an extremely wide distribution, being found from India all the way to the Phillippines. They are master jumpers and climbers and can even climb glass with ease. They are notorious for being extremely defensive and super quick to bite. “Geico” however was raised as a baby and so is as gentle and friendly as can be. Take this extremely rare opportunity to handle and interact with a Tokay Gecko!


Who wants 15% off their insurance??

Albino Burmese Python

Believe it or not, kids find the biggest snakes the least intimidating! And when it comes to ‘big’, "Diago" has got you covered. At 12 feet and 50 pounds, Diago is just one big puppy dog. As an albino, he has a stunning yellow and white pattern. He is perfect for accommodating group photos.


Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictors are as beautiful as they are infamous. They come from Central and South America. “Lobo” is a Surinam Red-Tail boa. Boas from this special locale are known for having extreme colouring and a bright red tail. A truly spectacular looking species. 


Ball Python

Ball pythons are an awesome, medium sized snake from sub-Saharan Africa. They come in a variety of colour patterns and are very popular in the pet trade due to  their relatively small size and docile nature. They are also known as the “royal python” as the rulers in Africa would wear them around their necks as live jewelry. At shows, kids are only too happy to do the same, and wear them as bracelets and necklaces for photos. 

Corn Snake

Corn snakes are found throughout the southeastern and central United States. They are moderate in size, docile in nature, and attractively patterned in reds and oranges. Always a kid-favourite.

Galapagos Tortoise

The Galapagos Tortoise is a true gentle giant. They are the largest tortoises in the world and have been known to live well over 100 years, with some living over 200. “Clarabel” enjoys getting her neck scratched and loves fresh veggies.

Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcatas are the third largest tortoise in the world and inhabit the southern edge of the Sahara desert in Africa. Extremely friendly, “Thomas” is happy giving rides to small kids. 

Leopard Tortoise

What “Franklin” lacks in size he makes up for in beauty and personality. He sports a shell so gorgeous that it looks as if it was painted by an artist. And he is the most friendly and outgoing little guy you could ever meet. 

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